CVMR® is a privately held, metal refining technology provider that is also engaged in mining and refining of its own mineral resources in 18 different countries. The company was established in 1986, with its head office and R & D Centre in Toronto, Canada.

GeoMet, Preconcentration & Comminution (Mine-to-Mill)

Dr. Adrian Dance, Vancouver


  • Comminution (crushing/grinding) circuit design, commissioning & automatic control,
  • Mine–to–Mill plant optimisation,
  • Plant audits, review and optimisation studies
  • Geometallurgical mill forecasting and ore hardness testwork
  • Advanced control systems and image analysis

Adrian Dance is a Principal Metallurgist with SRK Consulting (Canada) and has a Bachelor of Applied Science from UBC in Canada and a Doctorate in Mineral Processing from the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre in Australia. With over 25 years in this field, Adrian has both industrial and consulting experience, working at operations in Eritrea, Australia, Canada and Peru. For the past two decades, Adrian has established himself as an authority on comminution (crushing & grinding) circuit operation and practices a proven methodology in gaining improvements from “Mine–to–Mill” optimisation projects. Adrian has spent most of his career working with existing operations to gain added efficiency. With SRK, he is providing similar expertise including pre-concentration assessment and development of mill forecasting models embedded in the geological block model, or geometallurgical modelling.