CVMR® is a privately held, metal refining technology provider that is also engaged in mining and refining of its own mineral resources in 18 different countries. The company was established in 1986, with its head office and R & D Centre in Toronto, Canada.

Activated Carbon & Eco-friendly Reagents for Mining & Processing

Lexim International, Australia

  • Lexim International is a privately owned company that supplies specially designed reagents for application in the mining industry, and in some instances other industries.
  • Lexim’s philosophy is reflected in its tag line “you can rely on us”, which it achieves through a series of over-arching principles
    • Ensuring its specialty chemicals are manufactured with proper checks and balances in order to guarantee consistently good quality chemicals from batch to batch.
    • Ensuring quality of packaging, and container stuffing is done to the most stringent standards to maintain the integrity of the chemicals in transit and in handling.
    • Ensuring reliability of supply with focus on Delivery in Full On-Time (DIFOT). We will never let our customers run out of stock.
    • Ensuring competitive, value-based and transparent pricing of chemicals delivering a “win-win” outcome for both parties.
  • Lexim’s unique selling proposition is
    • Good value for money.
    • Consistently good quality.
    • Packaging of high integrity.
    • Never to run customer out of stock.

Lexim offers a complete solution to mining companies, which includes:

  • Provision of reagents that are finely attuned to specific operational constraints. That is, we do not offer off-the-shell chemicals but rather customised.
  • Provision of before and after sales technical support at free of cost.
  • Provision of high specification packaging and stringent container packing.
  • Provision of streamlined logistics solution to curtail both transit times as well as freight costs.
  • Provision of security of supply by tapping into their global network.

Lexim International’s organisation chart.

Dr Sami Lambe, Managing Director, Lexim International Pty Ltd (Australia)

Dr Sami Lambe

  • Sami is a former mergers and acquisition (M&A) executive with over a decade’s experience in corporate development with leading publicly listed, infrastructure / supply chain companies in Australia.
  • Prior to his M&A role, Sami led new product development with a publicly listed, compressor manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Sami has a Ph.D. in Green Technology from the University of Melbourne (Australia) and an MBA from Manchester Business School (UK).
  • Sami has led the development and global supply of specialty chemicals for mining applications for the past ten years.
  • E-Mail: / M: +61 438117759 (WhatsApp).